IADA is “The International Annual Report Design Awards”. Our mission is to recognize and praise the best in annual report design work with the ultimate goal of pushing the boundaries of annual report creativity to the utmost.

We are an award programme that accepts exceptional work that exemplifies the very best in the aesthetic and artistic design of annual reports worldwide. The program is hosted yearly and is open to all creative units; from design houses, agencies, and financial printers to companies and/or organisations.


Thank you for your
participation in the 2022 iADA Awards. This brief e-mail is designed to deliver highlights of your performance in this year’s competition. For full details, please refer to www.iada-award.co.uk for your result guide.

Again, congratulations on your
excellent work.


The awards are open to all parties involved in the process of producing annual reports for listed companies, government bodies, associations, and non-profit organizations. Entries can be of either the previous calendar year or fiscal year of the competition.