IADA is “The International Annual Report Design Awards”.

We are an award programme that accepts exceptional work that exemplifies the very best in the aesthetic and artistic design of annual reports worldwide. The program is open to all creative units; from design houses, agencies and financial printers, to companies and/or organisations.

The annual report has to be either the previous calendar year or current fiscal year. All projects should be from independent parties involved in the process of producing annual reports and have copyright clearance.

You can complete the entry form and send it by email or apply online. One soft copy with the entry form to be submitted online or sent to info@iada-award.co.uk

Online version should be sent with a URL and/or the document attached.

Our entry fee is £260, including VAT, per entry. You can have multiple entries for different categories and sub-categories. We accept online payment by PayPal or Stripe.

Each entry winner will receive a certificate, while the Diamond winner will receive a trophy. You can order extra certificates and trophies by email request.